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Scientists reveal how brain cells in Alzheimer’s go awry, lose their identity

Despite the prevalence of Alzheimer’s, there are still no treatments, in part because it has been challenging to study how the disease develops. Now, scientists have uncovered new insights into what goes awry during Alzheimer’s by growing neurons that resemble — more accurately than ever before — brain cells in older patients. And like patients themselves, the afflicted neurons appear to lose their cellular identity.

Study indicates longer reproductive life span experienced by U.S. women

Previous research has shown a link between the duration of a woman’s reproductive life span and her overall metabolic health. By analyzing data from successive surveys spanning the 1959-1962 National Health Examination Survey I through the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for 2017-2018, researchers investigated factors that may be driving that link for U.S. women, including an increase in age at natural menopause.